Tire Changers

There are 3 types of tire changers in today's market. The tire changer is responsible for removing the tire from the rim and putting another one on. There are different methods of achieving this listed below


This machine has a unique mount/demount head system that does not make any contact with the rim. These machines can integrate some automation and require the user to input rim dimensions for the machine to be set up properly. Although the machines will take a little longer to complete the demount and mount process, they are becoming the preferred method as the cost of repair and replacement of rims and tires increases.


This can be either a table top or centre post style machine. The lever to remove the beads of the tire are operated pneumatically removing the potential of a manual lever to slip and damage the rim. The head system still rests against the rim edge and has protective guards. These machines generally have bigger rim capabilities than the conventional tire changers


Table top style machine with a mount/demount head that swings or tilts away. Rim is clamped by 4 jaws to hold in place and rotate. Manual lever used to lift the tire bead over the mount/demount head to remove from the rim. Head rests against the rim and has protective guards to prevent marks/damage. Mount/demount head is designed as to guide the tire back onto the rim. Additional tools, manual or pneumatic, can be used to reduce operator error and possible damage.